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A large number of technologies have been developed for productive utilization and safe and sound management of fly ash under the concerted efforts made by Fly Ash Mission/Fly Ash Unit under Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. Fly ash management has taken considerable strides over the past few years. Researchers have been attempting to convert this by product of coal into wealth by means of exploring viable avenues for fly ash management. Fly ash is oxide-rich and can be used as the raw material for different industries and construction. NBCC is using Fly Ash bricks in various projects.

The Ministry of Environment & Forest have issued notification that "every construction agency engaged in the construction of building within a radius of Three Hundred Kms(300Kms) from a coal or lignite based thermal power plant shall use only fly ash based products for construction, such as cement or concrete, fly ash bricks or tiles or clay fly ash bricks or bricks, blocks or tiles or cement fly ash bricks or blocks or similar products or a combination or aggregate of them, in every construction projects."

NBCC has taken various steps in this regard and our projects are actively using fly ash in the construction.

Details in this regard given here under :-